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September 5, 2012
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Prince Edward Island recognizes International Adult Literacy Day

Innovation and Advanced Learning

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The 2012 International Adult Literacy Day was celebrated today by Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning Allen Roach. The event kicked off the upcoming promotional campaign that includes a series of posters highlighting literacy champions from Prince Edward Island. These posters are being launched to recognize the importance of strong literacy skills to individuals, communities, economies and societies.

“Investing in excellence in education continues to be a priority of our government, from our early learners to adults,” said Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning Allen Roach. “Strong literacy skills have a profound impact on people’s lives and are essential for a prosperous economy. We will continue to encourage adults to take the step of acquiring the essential skills, as well as provide them the support needed to get and maintain those skills. As we continue to grow the economy of PEI, a skilled labour market with essential literacy skills is key to our success.”

As part of the upcoming awareness campaign, posters will highlight literacy learners and business owners who have supported learning at work. Learners will share their stories in hopes of encouraging others to take the next step in enhancing their literacy skills. Employers will stress the benefits to other employers of supporting employees and learning in the workplace.

Minister Roach acknowledged the many businesses in Prince Edward Island who are making significant investments towards their employees to upgrade and maintain their skills. The investments and training opportunities will assist the businesses in meeting their future labour market needs.

“Strong literacy and essential skills are critical in today’s changing workplace. To compete in a global marketplace, Island employers and employees must adapt to change and refine their skills,” said Lori Johnston, Manager of Workplace Learning. “More employers are investing in people and seeing tremendous benefits.”

Today’s event was held at Rollo Bay Farms Inc., which is the employer highlighted in the poster campaign for workplace learning.

For more information on resources to help improve literacy among adults, please call 1-877-491-4766.

Media Contact: Rebecca Bruce
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