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November 18, 2014
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Stratford Library hours expanding

Tourism and Culture

The Public Library Service is expanding the hours of operation in Stratford, and adding additional staff hours, in response to increased demand since the opening of the new library, says Minister of Tourism and Culture Robert Henderson.

“Since last year we’ve seen a twenty-two per cent increase in materials circulated, and a twenty-four per cent increase in memberships at the new library location in Stratford,” said Minister Henderson. “Those are tremendous increases. They speak volumes about how residents have embraced the new library location and about the importance of the facility to the community. Stratford Town Council and Mayor Dunphy deserve a lot of credit for their decision to move the library to a new, modern location.”

The change means Stratford Public Library will now be open 42 hours per week compared to 35. The additional hours will see the library open Wednesday and Friday mornings. The expanded hours during the day will better meet the needs of the community including increased access for seniors and young children.

The new Stratford Public Library opened in December 2013 at the site of the former PEILCC location across from the strip mall. It was located in a small building on the grounds of Cotton Park before council made the decision to move to a new location.

“We are very excited to see an increase in memberships and program activities at the Stratford Public Library since the move to its new, larger location,” said Stratford Mayor David Dunphy. “Stratford residents have shown that they value this service. Accordingly, we have felt an increase in hours of operation is needed and are very pleased that the Public Library Service has recognized and is addressing this need.”

As of the end of September, 2,800 residents held memberships at the Stratford Public Library, 539 more than at the end of September 2013. Internet use is up 26 per cent. Total attendance at library programs has increased from about 4,600 to over 5,700 and actual programs offered at the library increased from 369 to 567 compared to last year.

Media Contact: Andrew Sprague
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