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News of the Government of Prince Edward Island is now located at News releases dated prior to November 1, 2016 are archived here.

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Third Quarter Update – Fiscal Year 2006/2007 - Province Achieves Second Surplus
February 14, 2007

Hon. Mitch Murphy, Provincial Treasurer, today provided an update on the Third Quarter finances...

Provincial Treasurer Presents Second Quarter Update -- FY 2006/2007
November 9, 2006

Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy today released the Fall Fiscal Update which shows the Province...

Provincial Treasurer to Take PEI’s Case for Fiscal Balance to the Senate
November 1, 2006

Tonight Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy will present PEI’s case for a strengthened Equalization...

Provincial Treasurer Pleased with Federal Tax Fairness Plan Announcement
November 1, 2006

Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy is pleased with last evening’s announcement from Federal...

Province Refines Policy Around Taxation of Farm Snow Blowing Operations
October 19, 2006

Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy today announced government’s decision to refine the tax...

Thirty-Second Annual Statistical Review 2005
July 6, 2006

Hon. Mitch Murphy, Provincial Treasurer, is pleased to announce the release of the thirty-...

Moody’s Upgrades Province of Prince Edward Island
June 9, 2006

Moody’s Investors Service has upgraded the Province’s credit rating on long-term borrowing...

May 16, 2006 Census Day
May 2, 2006

In the Legislature today, Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy informed the Members that on May...

Public Accounts 2004/2005
January 23, 2006

Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy is pleased to announce the release of the 2004/05 Public...

Provincial Treasurer Rejects Claw-back Rumours
January 19, 2006

The following statement is being issued by Honourable Mitch Murphy in response to a number...

Provincial Treasurer Releases the Prince Edward Island Economy Progress Report 2005
November 18, 2005

Today the Honourable Mitchell Murphy, Provincial Treasurer, released the 2005 Prince Edward...

Information Technology Services to Be Restructured in Province
October 25, 2005

The Province of PEI is undertaking an initiative focussed on increasing efficiencies in the...

Partnership to Further Post Secondary Education and Skills Training
October 6, 2005

Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy today urged the federal government to join with the provinces...

No Provincial Tax in the Latest Fuel Price Increase
September 1, 2005

Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy wants to emphasize there is no provincial tax included in...

Rates of Property Charges Now Available Online
July 19, 2005

The Taxation and Property Records division of the Provincial Treasury announces that rates...

Appointment of Director of Program Renewal and Access Information, Department of Provincial Treasury
July 7, 2005

The Department of Provincial Treasury is pleased to announce that Rick Adams has been appointed...

Government Provides Four-Month Working Layoff Notice to Employees
July 5, 2005

This week Government is giving a four-month layoff notice to 330 employees. The notice follows...

Thirty-First Annual Statistical Review 2004
June 30, 2005

Hon. Mitch Murphy, Provincial Treasurer, is pleased to announce the release of the thirty-...

Provincial Tax Credit / Deferral Programs
May 12, 2005

In order to address any confusion regarding property taxes to be paid by senior citizens,...

Province Receives Rating Confirmation from DBRS
May 4, 2005

The Provincial Treasurer announced today in the Legislature that Dominion Bond Rating Service...

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