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Aerial Photographs

Really Small Aerial Photograph

Several complete aerial surveys of Prince Edward Island may be browsed from this page.

The first set of photographs -- the most recent -- was produced in 2000 by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry as part of the 2000-2002 Corporate Land Use Inventory Project. The copyright of the images is retained by the Province of Prince Edward Island. You can read more information about these photos, including information on how to purchase prints or CDs.

Five additional sets of photographs were produced in 1935, 1958, 1968, 1974 and 1990. The 1935 and 1958 sets are copyright Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, reproduced from the collection of the National Air Photo Library with permission of Natural Resources Canada. The copyright of the 1974 and 1990 images is retained by the Province of Prince Edward Island.

Browse Photographs by Community

You can also browse the collection of aerial photographs by community name. Select a community from the list below and click Go to see a list of photographs in that area.

Browse Photographs using an Interactive Map

Using our interactive map you can locate and view aerial photographs geographically. Our interactive map system requires a browser that will display PNG images, and that is JavaScript-enabled. Most modern web browsers will meet both criteria. No plug-ins or special software are required. Click here to view the map

The existing Aerial photos map is being replaced with the Aerial Photo Index Map and the Orthophoto Comparison Map. Try the maps and give us your feedback.