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Should I tailor my application and resumé to the particular job I’m interested in?

Yes, your application will be assessed based on how strongly your qualifications meet the minimum qualifications as outlined in the job advertisement.

How can I tailor my resume to the particular job I’m interested in?

Pay attention to the qualification statement as well as the knowledge and competencies specified in the job posting. Tailor your cover letter and resume by indicating how your education, experience, and competencies match the requirements identified in the job posting. Your resumé needs to demonstrate that you have the related education and experience and provide evidence of the required knowledge and competencies. In doing this, it’s also important to be as concise as possible.

What does 'demonstrated equivalencies will be considered' mean on the job posting / advertisement?

Visit UPSE Civil Equivalency Implementation in the Staffing Process for details.

How are resumés reviewed and qualifications assessed?

Resumés are reviewed according to the qualifications, knowledge, and competencies listed in the job posting. Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications of the position to be eligible for further consideration. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not automatically mean applicants will be interviewed. Each position has unique qualifications that are considered in matching the advertised requirements and determine which candidate will be invited to an interview.

What is a related degree when none are specified?

A degree from a recognized post secondary institution that is related or similar to the knowledge required for the position.
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