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Interview Tips

What can I expect at the interview?

Interviews are usually handled by a selection panel of two to three members which typically includes a representative from the PEI Public Service Commission, the supervisor of the position and an employee with expertise in the field for which you are applying. During an interview, a candidate is assessed on his/her education, experience, knowledge, skills/abilities.

What can I do to prepare for an interview?

  • Review as much information as possible regarding the job requirements. If you would like to view the job description or position questionnaire of the position, you may request it from the Human Resource Office of the department, who may provide it to you.

  • Based on the above information, anticipate and prepare for some answers for questions you might be asked at the interview. Think about times when you have demonstrated the required skills and some specific examples you can share.

  • Find out more about the organization in general to better understand the services it provides.

  • Think about questions you may want to ask at the interview.

Who can I contact to get feedback on how I did at the interview?

If you are interviewed for a job and would like feedback on the interview, you may contact the staffing consultant who invited you for an interview. He or she can provide feedback that could be helpful in the future when you are invited for an interview.
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