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April 5, 2006
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Alberton Library Expands Library Space

Community and Cultural Affairs

The Alberton Branch Library re-opens to the public today with a new roof and a new look. Major renovations, which included a 768 square foot addition to the building, will provide much needed space for regular children’s programming, community programming and a reading room with comfortable seating for the public. A new roof and refinishing of the hardwood floors were also incorporated into the project.

The renovations were funded by the Friends of the Alberton Library and were made possible through local fundraising and a large bequest by Ken Quigley, a well-known and loved library user. Mr. Quigley was a committed volunteer and local historian throughout his life, giving of his time to a wide variety of community activities. “Ken Quigley would be happy to see that the once-crowded floor of the library now provides a welcoming, comfortable place to leisurely read the latest Macleans magazine or the local newspaper,” said library staff member Kelly Gillis. “I can’t imagine how we ever managed before the renovations.”

Community and Cultural Affairs Minister, Elmer MacFadyen, congratulated the Library Committee. “These renovations were made possible because of the wonderful community support and the enthusiastic effort local staff and volunteers put into accomplishing a dream come true. I know the community will continue to enjoy the services and community activities offered at this very busy branch library and I congratulate you all for your hard work.”

The Alberton Branch Library is a full-service library with magazines, periodicals, a children's section, and fiction and not-fiction books. It also has videos and talking books and anything that is not on site can be requested. In addition to its wide variety of books, the library has computers for public use. The new library space now occupies 2,352 square feet. Alberton Library circulated 18,537 books last year, a three per cent increase over the previous year. Family literacy programs are frequently held, and are one of the main activities held at the library. Last year more than 117 programs were offered and more than 750 people participated in the various programs. There are 1,309 library memberships held in the community, and 9,868 books in the collection.

Media Contact: Norma Collier
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