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February 1, 2008
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Provincial Government Launches Workplace Learning Campaign


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Premier Robert Ghiz joined provincial government employees today to officially launch a new workplace learning campaign for employees who want to read better, get their GED, or generally increase their learning skill level.

The campaign posters and brochures feature three well known government employees who have had success at learning. Gordon Jenkins is an Environmental Protection Officer who meets regularly with a workplace tutor to improve his reading and writing skills. Claire Arsenault is a Liquor Store Clerk in Wellington who got her GED and was able to secure a full-time position. Regina Oppon is an administrative assistant who took courses at work to improve her skills in customer service and time management.

“We have many employees who return to learning later in life. In doing so, they become more confident, they increase their income and job security, and they are generally happier and more productive employees and family members,” said the Premier.” This campaign builds on their success. We hope it will be the incentive that some employees need to enroll in a course or training program that they may have been thinking about for some time.”

Jim Ferguson, CEO of the Public Service Commission says the campaign responds to feedback from employees. “Employees are asking for opportunities to learn at all levels of government. They are asking for specialized training as well as opportunities to upgrade their literacy and basic skills,” he said. “In the past, many government positions did not require high levels of education or skills training, but that is changing. We want to offer opportunities to employees now so that they can be prepared for changing demands in the future.”

Staff from Workplace Learning PEI will work with interested employees to help them find the learning program that is best for them. Funding will be provided by the provincial government to cover the costs of the program and the time for employees to participate.

“In the past, government offered a few learning opportunities to a few people,” said Premier Ghiz. “Today we are offering a variety of supports and initiatives, along with the flexibility needed to tailor applications to specific needs and circumstances. We are very optimistic about the return we will get on this major investment in the provincial public service.”

Learning opportunities are available to employees who are permanent, temporary or seasonal employees. Interested employees should contact their supervisor or Human Resource Manager for more information.

Media Contact: Jean Doherty
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