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August 18, 2009
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Office of Public Safety Advises Islanders to Prepare for Emergencies: Know the Risks, Make a Plan, Get a Kit

Communities, Cultural Affairs and Labour

The Office of Public Safety is advising Islanders and visitors to prepare themselves and their property for hurricane season.

In Atlantic Canada, hurricane season officially runs from June through November, bringing tropical depressions, tropical storms and occasionally hurricanes to the province. Any of these tropical storm systems can result in torrential rain, strong winds, storm surges and high waves.

The PEI Office of Public Safety offers the following guidelines to help Islanders prepare:

• Pay attention to weather forecasts and warnings;

• Move inland and to higher ground, away from potential tidal waves or storm surges;

• Secure all gates, doors and windows;

• Move or secure lawn furniture, trash cans, hanging plants and anything else that can be blown around;

• Trim dead or diseased branches from trees, or remove dead trees entirely; Ensure that you are not working near a power line when trimming trees;

• Park your vehicles in a garage or away from trees;

• Fill your car’s gas tank;

• Keep pets indoors;

• Move watercrafts out of water and to higher ground; and

• Do not go down to the water to watch the storm. You can easily drown if caught in large waves, storm surges or flood waters.

Storms can change direction at short notice and even a significantly weakened system can carry winds strong enough to cause widespread destruction.

When it comes to emergency management, we all have a role to play. Everyone should learn the risks, prepare an emergency plan, and assemble a basic emergency kit.

For more information on how you can prepare for various types of emergencies, and for a free copy of the 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Guide, contact the Prince Edward Island Office of Public Safety at 894-0385, or or Public Safety Canada at

Media Contact: Connie McNeill
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