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June 29, 2010
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Industry-led Electronics Recycling Program Set to Launch in PEI

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Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship program to start collecting and responsibly recycling regulated electronic products for Island residents on July 1st

Effective July 1st, the Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship (ACES) program will allow Prince Edward Island residents to drop off unwanted electronics free of charge at six Island Waste Management Corp (IWMC) approved locations across the Island.

“With the launch of the program in PEI, ACES members are demonstrating their commitment to responsible recycling practices for electronics,” says ACES Board Chair, David Bois of Home Hardware. “Through our collaboration with Island Waste Management Corporation, we are providing Island residents with a convenient and responsible way to recycle their unwanted electronics and divert them from PEI’s landfill.”

This industry-led recycling program is funded by an environmental handling fee (EHF) charged on the sale of new electronic products that are regulated under provincial law. The fees collected by ACES are used solely to cover the actual costs related to the collection, transportation, administration and recycling of these electronic items.

The ACES Program was created by the electronics and retail industries to manage the recycling of electronic products that are regulated by government and banned from disposal in landfills. As of July 1, 2010, the province of PEI will regulate all electronics products that are currently part of the ACES program.

“The Government of Prince Edward Island is pleased to work with industry to offer an electronics recycling program that will address the serious environmental issue of electronic waste becoming part of the solid waste stream,” said Environment, Energy & Forestry Minister Richard Brown. “This program will help create public awareness that we all share in the responsibility for protecting the environment.”

Since inception, the ACES Program had collected more than 6,000 metric tonnes of electronics for recycling. That is the equivalent of loading a 53-foot tractor trailer more than 500 times with regulated electronic products.

“ACES remains committed to responsible recycling and the prevention of illegal export of electronics to developing nations by following the Recycling Vendor Qualification Program developed by Electronics Product Stewardship Canada. Our program will ensure that unwanted electronics from PEI are always managed with that commitment in mind,” says Bois.

To ensure ease of access and centralized locations throughout the province, ACES is collaborating with Island Waste Management Corporation (IWMC) in PEI. As part of this agreement, Waste Watch Drop-off Centers have been designated as ACES Drop-off locations and will begin accepting regulated materials as of July 1, 2010.

Gerry Moore, IWMC CEO, is pleased to see electronics recycling expanded to Prince Edward Island. “This program will further support IWMC’s commitment to reduce materials entering landfill and will provide Islanders with convenient access to drop-off locations for recycling,” indicates Moore.

The following Waste Watch Drop-off Centers have been designated as ACES Drop-off Locations:

City/Town ~ Address ~ Phone

Brockton, West Prince ~ 2202 Dock Road, Rte #150 ~ 853-8619

EPWMF ~ East Prince 29786 Rte # 2 ~ 854-3636

New London ~ Central 10142 Rte # 6 ~ 886-7425

GreenIsle, Charlottetown ~ 7 Superior Crescent ~ 368-3848

Dingwells Mills, North Kings ~ 100 Selkirk Road, Rte # 309 ~ 687-7025

Murray River, South Kings ~ 378 Cape Bear Rd., Rte # 18 ~ 962-7423

Following is a list of products included in the ACES program and their associated EHF:

• Desktop Computers - $10.50 EHF

• Computer Peripherals - $0.90 EHF

• Portable Computers - $2.10 EHF

• Desktop Printers - $6.50 EHF

• Display devices (televisions, computer monitors, etc):

- 29" and smaller - $11.50

- 30" and larger - $40.00

• Personal or Portable Audio/Video Systems - $0.40 EHF

• Vehicle Audio/Video Systems (Aftermarket) - $2.75 EHF

• Home theatre in a Box (HTB) Systems - $6 EHF

• Home Audio/Video Systems - $3.50 EHF

• Non-Cellular telephones - $0.85 EHF

For a more detailed list of products covered, please visit

About Atlantic Canada Electronic Stewardship (ACES) Program

Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship (ACES) Program is an industry-led, not-for-profit association representing brand owners, manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders who are committed to collecting and recycling electronic waste in an environmentally responsible manner. ACES oversees a network which operates 41 ACES Drop-Off Centres and is a leading provider of environmentally sound and socially responsible management practices for end-of-life electronic products. Its goal is to divert end-of-life electronic products from export or landfill in full compliance with local, provincial and federal requirements. For more information visit or call 1-877-774-3260

Media Contact: Kim Devine
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