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March 19, 2012
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Premier Ghiz promotes water conservation during Canada Water Week

Environment, Labour and Justice

Canada Water Week is a reminder to Islanders of their shared responsibility to protect natural resources and to continue to promote the conservation of water, says Premier Robert Ghiz. “Prince Edward Island is the only province totally dependent upon groundwater for drinking water,” said Premier Ghiz. “We all must take steps to protect and conserve the natural resources that sustain our high quality of life and our aquatic habitat.”

The Council of the Federation, (COF), made up of Canada’s premiers, is encouraging individuals, businesses and organizations to work together to improve stewardship of our valuable water resources. One of COF’s priorities is to create a deeper understanding of the connection between our water resources and the country’s economic prosperity.

“A sustainable water supply is crucial to our social, economic and environmental well-being,” said Environment, Labour and Justice Minister Janice Sherry. “Protecting and preserving our water resources today will ensure a healthy supply for future generations.”

The province has implemented numerous initiatives to protect the quality of the Island’s water supply. Government spent more than one million dollars last year on watershed programming and funding to local groups. Legislation was introduced to restrict the sale and use of domestic lawn-care pesticides, buffer zones were increased, an online water data search for communities and watersheds was launched, and the Alternative Land Use Service (ALUS) program was implemented to encourage farmers to retire environmentally sensitive land.

“I would like to recognize and thank all the people who are involved with their local watershed groups for their work and commitment to restoring and protecting the quality of water on Prince Edward Island and I encourage all Islanders to get involved with their watershed group and help protect our natural resources,” said the Premier.

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Media Contact: Kim Devine
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