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April 12, 2012
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Graduate Mentorship program to provide work experience for recent graduates

Innovation and Advanced Learning

The Government of Prince Edward Island is launching a new employment-opportunity initiative in an effort to attract and retain Prince Edward Island’s educated graduates, says Innovation and Advanced Learning Minister Allen Roach.

“Research indicates that graduates are finding it difficult to secure a career in their field of study, and private sector employers are challenged to match qualified candidates with job vacancies,” said Minister Roach.

“The new Graduate Mentorship program, which targets individuals with a post-secondary degree or diploma, will provide graduates with a work experience in the private sector related to their education and career aspirations in Prince Edward Island.”

The Graduate Mentorship Program will provide graduates with a work experience in the private sector related to their skills and education, and will assist to bridge education with work experience. Mentorship is an essential component of this program, as graduates will benefit from the expertise which experienced employers can offer.

The program will be open to graduates who have completed their degree or diploma within the last five years. It will apply to Island residents who completed their education either on- or off-Island. And in an effort to encourage people to return to the province, the Graduate Mentorship Program will be open to people who have completed their education on the Island within the last five years whether or not they still reside in the province.

Private sector employers, who are willing to provide a mentorship and employment opportunity to a recent graduate, will receive a 70 per cent wage subsidy for a period of one year.

“This financial assistance will be an incentive to hire recent graduates and may help prevent the out-migration of our educated young Islanders,” said the minister.

“The Graduate Mentorship Program will position the province to effectively link labour market development, post secondary education, and economic development responsibilities in Prince Edward Island.”

The Graduate Mentorship Program is funded in whole or part through the Canada-PEI Labour Market Development Agreement and/or Labour Market Agreement.

Media Contact: Ron Ryder
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