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November 15, 2013
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Province cracks down on impaired drivers

Environment, Labour and Justice

More accurate instruments to measure blood alcohol content will help crack down on impaired drivers, says Environment, Labour and Justice Minister Janice Sherry.

“Cracking down on impaired drivers is a major priority,” said Minister Sherry. “Because of more scientifically accurate approved instruments with a decreased margin of error, police are now able to lay charges with lower readings of blood alcohol content.”

Drivers have committed an offence when their blood alcohol content is over .08. In the past, because of the margin of error, charges were laid when the blood alcohol content was .10. Today, new approved instruments have a lower margin of error, making it possible to lay charges when the blood alcohol content is .09. This is possible due to improved scientific accuracy of the equipment used to check the breath.

Police began charging at the lower readings as of November 1.

For further information on Impaired Driving, see Highway Safety Divison.

Media Contact: Wayne MacKinnon
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