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December 4, 2014
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Provincial government takes action on unpaid fines

Environment, Labour and Justice

The provincial government is stepping up its efforts to collect unpaid fines imposed by the courts, says Janice Sherry, Environment, Labour and Justice Minister and Attorney General.

“We are taking stronger action to deal with this problem and encourage those with unpaid fines to make satisfactory arrangements for payment,” said Minister Sherry. “Islanders expect that people found guilty of an offence will pay the penalties imposed by the courts.”

It is estimated that approximately $7.2 million is owed in unpaid fines over the past 20 years. Fines are not written off because they are sentences imposed by the courts. Other provinces are faced with similar problems.

Currently, those with unpaid fines can lose their driver’s licence which is reinstated once the fines are paid. The department is now implementing further measures, including the refusal to issue or renew a vehicle registration until fines are paid and filing judgements in the Prince Edward Island Supreme Court. A judgement could affect personal credit ratings. If needed, other measures are being considered.

As well, additional resources are being provided to Sheriff Services which has the responsibility for collecting unpaid fines.

Those with unpaid fines are asked to contact the appropriate court office to make arrangements for payment.

“We recognize that some people are unable to pay fines imposed by the courts for various reasons,” said Minister Sherry. “Those who are able to pay can make arrangements for payments of the outstanding total before further action is taken.”

Media Contact: Amber Caseley
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