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February 19, 2015
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Two new roundabouts to be constructed in rural communities

Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Two new roundabouts will improve the safety of intersections in rural communities, says Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Robert Vessey.

The roundabouts will be built this coming construction season at Route 5 and Route 22 intersection (Baldwins Road and 48 Road), and in Stanley Bridge on Route 6 (Cavendish Road and Rattenbury Road).

“These roundabouts are specifically designed for intersections in rural communities that see less traffic than urban centres,” said the minister. “These new roundabouts will be unique to Atlantic Canada and create much safer intersections at these locations.”

The roundabouts have the same safety outcomes as those found in urban areas or on highways but are designed so they can be built in a rural area. The new roundabouts will be designed similarly to existing roundabouts, however, with reduced curbs and medians. These designs allow the department to construct roundabouts that improve safety of rural intersections at a smaller cost than larger, urban roundabouts.

The department researched the use of these roundabouts and found they were successful in improving road safety in other jurisdictions.

“The decline in traffic related fatalities and collisions shows that investments as such roundabouts create safer roads,” said the minister. “The department will monitor both locations over time and track the results, ensuring the safety improvements have been realized.”

Collisions, injuries and fatalities have decreased over the last 35 years, although the number of registered vehicles and licensed drivers on Prince Edward Island has continued to grow.

In 2014 there were five fatalities, the lowest number of fatalities on record. In 1980 there were 35 fatalities.

In 2014 there were 1,254 collisions, with 347 resulting in injury. In 1980 there were 2,849 collisions, with 708 resulting in injury.

Media Contact: Mary Moszynski
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